clear drains through camera inspection

How Can a Camera Inspection Help Keep Your Drains Clean?

Are you dealing with a slow-moving drain or a troubling clog? Our advice: Don’t try to DIY a treatment. Our team at Hydro Plumbing has seen countless instances of DIY remedies gone wrong. This is especially true when homeowners reach for store-bought drain cleaners. These liquids can contain harmful chemicals that corrode your pipes and might not even clear the clog! A licensed and qualified plumber on the other hand can offer solutions that keep your drains clean while also preserving the structural integrity of your plumbing system.

How Do Camera Inspections Work?

While it would make our work much easier, plumbers can’t see through walls. Which means in order to properly inspect the condition of your pipes and diagnose the reason for the clog, we need to see inside. Instead of resorting to damaging methods, like digging up your pipes, reputable plumbers now use a camera to pinpoint the problem without needing to trench.

Our camera is attached to a cable, allowing us to go deep into your system for a thorough analysis. We use a video display system to accurately monitor the progress in real time, and a transmitter, so once a problem is discovered, we are able to hone in on the exact location. In addition to being able to locate clogs, these camera inspections can detect other issues with your plumbing, including small leaks.

Do You Need Drain Cleaning Services?

You don’t really think about the internal workings of your plumbing until something goes wrong, and at that point you could be dealing with some serious repairs. Spotting warning signs that your drains need to be cleaned is a great to stop future problems in their tracks.

4 signs your home needs drain cleaning:

  1. Clogs: We’re starting with the most obvious. If you are experiencing a clog, or multiple clogs in the same drain, it is clear you need a professional to look at that drain. It could be that you have excessive buildup, which would make hydro jetting a potential solution.
  2. Slow drainage: Maybe you don’t have a clog, but the drains of your sink or shower aren’t moving as quickly as they used to. This can be due to either debris buildup or leak, so a camera inspection can help pinpoint the problem to receive a more accurate fix.
  3. Gurgling: The “blub, blub” noise coming from your drain might not seem like a big deal, but it is a warning sign that bigger issues might not be too far behind. It could indicate clogs and if pressure continues to build, it can cause a burst pipe.
  4. Unpleasant odor: If you notice a foul sewage odor, you might be experiencing a clog further down in your system, leading to waste buildup.

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